For some years now, with the aid of some remarkable and significant discoveries in science, medicine, pharmacy and diet knowledge, we should all be looking forward to a longer, healthier and better life. But recent events have indicated that this may not now automatically eventuate. It is predicted that our children may not live as long as their parents already have.

We are all aware that we need to live in an eco-system that is cleaner, safer and as pollution free as possible if we, our children, and all other diverse living things on this planet, are to continue to survive and live healthy lives. Pollution and toxins are not new of course. Since the Industrial Revolution these have been building up in our biosphere, increasing from one generation to the next. The effects of all these pollutants and toxins now show up in all living things, but more importantly, and unfortunately, their presence is increasing in our food, our water and in the air around us.

All of the planet's vital life systems, including those of all living things, have not yet developed sufficient mechanisms to withstand or expel toxins and poisons that may have already accumulated within them. We are now polluting water faster than we, or nature can recycle it. We eat mainly processed foods, and are even altering the molecular structures of many of these foods with no idea of what the long term result will be. Today we are at a crisis point.

The human body is an amazing, complicated, aggregation of electrochemical living organic matter contained within a rigid yet flexible structure. The design and function of our bodies have evolved gradually over tens of millions of years. During that time our bodies have only had to deal with known parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeast, moulds and fungus and the their associated toxins.

However over the last two hundred years, our bodies have been inundated with thousands of manmade highly toxic substances. All these new pollutants greatly degrade the body’s defences to control and fight disease. Once polluted, the body’s immune and nervous systems become compromised and cease to function effectively. Amazingly, although salty, electrolytic water still makes up over 70% of our bodies, it too is fast becoming just as polluted as the water outside of our bodies.

Our immune and nervous systems no longer perform their essential functions at the performance levels that are necessary for us to remain healthy. Tragically this has led to a premature decline in general health which is now a well-established fact of life. All of us need to continue and support all positive efforts to reverse this disastrous potential outcome.

The more these defence systems are comprised, the more the body is unable to maintain its health and ability to combat the effects of disease. There has not been nearly enough time for a living organism as complicated as the human body to develop systems to rid itself naturally of these new chemical pollutants. What is required is a new way of filtering the body’s internal fluids which is both scientifically based and natural.

Is there such a filter available that has the ability to capture these different types of toxins and remove them naturally from the body and is scientifically based. The answer is yes, and the filter is Australian SUBMICRONISED ZEOLITE.

How You Can Take Control of Your Health

What are three most important factors today in maintaining the best of health and preventing disease?

1 The maintenance of a fully operating, healthy immune and central nervous systems.
What is required to achieve point above.

2 The reduction and elimination of pollutants from the body; and
3 The consumption of the right combinations of foods and clean drinking water to ensure healthy development and replacement of the bodies living organic matter that keep all of the body’s systems and cells fully functional and operating at maximum capacity.

We believe this web site contains one of the best aggregation of information that one needs to learn about zeolite, how effective it really is, why it works the way it does, evidence of its safety and efficacy and why its use is so important today to you, your family and your pets.

Zeolite is a natural mineral that has been known and used since Greek and Roman times although it has never in a submicronised form. Although the mineral is found in many countries, one of the purist uncontaminated sources is found in Australia.

If you have not visited this site before please take some time to read the information presented here and learn about zeolite. The site should give you a much better appreciation of what we all face today how pollutants and their toxins greatly increase the chance of disease, why and the way zeolite works, its science and its proven safety.

After reading the information contained herein, the choice is now yours. The bad news is the realisation that our health and wellbeing are comprised and deteriorating. The good news is that you now have the knowledge to reduce the toxic burden within your body and greatly increase your ability to have a happier, healthier life.

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